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Thread: Rascal Ultralite 480 mobility scooter - advice needed

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    Rascal Ultralite 480 mobility scooter - advice needed

    Hi all

    I recently acquired a pre-owned rascal ultralite 480 scooter which came highly recommended and certainly it seems fab. I took it out for its maiden trip today and whilst itís very easy to use, I felt a little unconfident on slopes, fearing it would topple over sideways. I was also very aware of the road camber. Iím overweight (15 1/2 stones) which possibly doesnít help. This is my first experience of mobility scooters so I was wondering if anyone with this make of scooter has any advice/ experience/ reassurance for me? Thanks!


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    Hi Sarah WP,

    Unfortunately lightweight scooters are not as stable as the standard versions. I have one which I use regularly and the important thing to remember is slow the speed right down when on a camber and approach dropped kerbs at right angles.

    I have used several different scooters at leisure venues and they tend to be the heavy types. In time you will gain confidence so don’t give up and remember to take it steady. I rather be a tortoise than an injured hare.

    Best wishes,
    Iím going to do this even if it kills me!

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    Hi Sarah,

    Great that have got a scooter but keep safe. I use to lean over the the other way if I was worried but that could be hard for many. It would be a good idea, if you have a with it, strong person, to go on a slope with them on the lower side to keep you from tipping over. It would then be nice to know where the tipping point is so you have some idea.

    Some areas have steep cambers on the roads and paths, especially drive ways and dropped curbs.

    Maybe get a bigger one for trips out and keep that for the car and flatter places,

    Love Terry

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    Thanks both for the advice. Iím hoping itís a matter of confidence but it feels a bit scary! Good advice re slowing down on corners/slopes - I had wondered if it might be safer to go fast so it doesnít have time to tip!! Also re finding the tipping point, Iíll try to do that too. We really need one which my wife can assemble & disassemble easily by herself, which is why we went for this model. Buying a second one isnít an option unfortunately.

    Thanks again,
    Sarah xx

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