As stated in my other posts my balance and strength of my right leg are worsening. I have little confidence to walk outdoors with a 4 wheel walking frame on anything other than simple level surfaces. I also don't understand why my walking is so variable. I have been stuck in the house all day today, as ever. So I haven't done much walking but , as happens everyday, it considerably worsens in the evening and I can barely walk safely at all. I imagine that people will state that it worsens as the day goes on due to fatigue. But I don't understand that it might be fatigue when I have been sitting down all day far more than standing up and/or walking?
This week I have had Zimmer frames issued for use in the house. And the way my walking is feeling this evening I am going to have start using them. But I am concerned that I will not be able to carry anything when both of my hands are on the Zimmer frame, especially things like my food and drinks etc.