I have just had a horrid experience. Yesterday my walking improved indoors and i wasn't using the Zimmer frame. It gave me the confidence to try and get in my car and go for a scenic drive. I hoped that would then give me the confidence to drive today to my weekly supermarket food shop. I went, but found it difficult getting my walking frame out of the boot of my car. A member of staff got me a trolley but, as I walked around and did my shopping I felt my balance and right leg strength worsening. A member of staff assisted me back to my car and I struggled to get my walking frame back in the boot, so she had to do it. Once I got home I struggled to walk up my sloping driveway with a crutch. I eventually did but then it was a massive event getting my shopping out of the boot of my car ( I used my newly supplied indoor trolley but it was very difficult getting it up and down my doorstep). So , a positive attitude to the day kicked back by MND and my worsening balance and right leg strength. As stated before, I now have no confidence to negotiate my sloping driveway to get in and out of my car. And I have lost my confidence to get my walking frame in and out of my car boot. I was hoping my shop would give me the confidence to drive to my mum's care home to visit her. But MND has made sure it has destroyed any confidence. I am at the initial stages and it is so difficult living on my own with it. I am terrified of my future.