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    Quote Originally Posted by Broostine93 View Post
    Hi Streetwise and thank you for your reply.

    I got in touch with CAB yesterday to ask about what I'm meant to do about 'small everyday purchases' and they couldn't tell me, unfortunately. They told me to talk to the Office of the Public Guardian to find out. Gran is in a nursing home, funded by CHC, so there's no bills to pay for. It's literally just your 'everyday small items' that I'll be buying on her behalf (toiletries/snacks/magazines/books/nighties etc.)
    Hi Broostine,

    It's probably worth getting advice from the Office of PG, because receipts might need to be kept for all purchases/financial transactions:-

    "your attorney must keep accounts and make sure their money is kept separate from yours" - quote from the Age UK website, under the heading 'LPA for financial decisions' on the following webpage:-


    Also, the Age UK charity can be contacted for advice about legal issues (including powers of attorney):-

    http:// AEgLyqfD_BwE

    Best wishes
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    All I did was buy what I thought might help but I was paying the bills and she helped me (but I didnt leave the nursing home very often !as she was so paralysed her vocal cords !had gone early on !and I was so close I couldnt leave her !until she insisted !, Im so panicky I kept some receipts for years ,she kept things in a pile ,paid them then threw them out !but she was a lot more confident than me !people that visited brought her things ,sometimes food she liked ,I bought high calorie food, this was 20 years ago and we knew to buy high calorie .

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