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    What worries me about your situation TAPG1 is that you’re so focused on MND being the only possible reason for your symptoms, that you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole from which it’s very difficult to climb out. You can only perceive you must have MND and that perception has become your reality - that’s a very frightening place to be

    But, by continuing to seek advice only on MND, you’re neglecting your mental health, which is as important as your physical health. I’d love you to concentrate on reducing your crippling anxieties, which are consuming your life right now, rather than posting on this Forum and to be able to enjoy life. If you could get continuing help for your anxieties and get control of your mental health, it would improve your life immeasurably.

    I have lived with MND/ALS for 13 years now and have learned such a lot about the disease and from the disease over time and, whilst I’m not an expert in any shape or form, I find that I often know more about MND than many a healthcare professional I’ve met.

    Genuinely, I wish you well in seeking and finding treatment.

    Love Ellie.
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