Evening all

I currently have a persistent tickly cough and I have no idea what it is. I actually first had it about 2 months ago for a few days then it went completely but has now come back. It comes and goes but when I have it, it goes on and on and nothing clears it. Itís an irritation on my upper chest and because of my weak cough I end up making non-stop funny grunting noises which I canít control. Cough stacking doesnít help. It eventually clears though never feels far away and anything can bring it on again - notably eating/drinking, but not always. Itís frustrating, embarrassing and exhausting.

When I had it last time I asked my respiratory nurse about it but he had never come across it.

Does anyone have any idea what it might be and/or any advice. Itís driving me mad. And my wife!!

Sarah xx