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Chrissie, you do so much for your Gran. Far more than should ever be expected of you. Having a loved one in a care home can be so difficult as they are always short of staff and rush to get things done. Emptying a commode is, however something that the staff should be on the ball with. It's basic care that if they help a resident with a commode that they should go back soon after to empty the commode and not just leave it.

The care home should be linked to a GP surgery and the GP would usually visit regularly. It might be worth speaking to them about your Gran's medication so that it can be reviewed. Is there anything in particular that makes your Gran anxious?

Hi Rachel,

The GP only visits when the nurses ring them to say that Gran has a chest infection. They haven't been in touch with her regularly from the start, stating that they're only really to be contacted for 'general' issues, but all MND-related issues should be directed towards the palliative team.
Things that make her anxious are:
- staff 'routine' running late because she worries they will not toilet/change her into her night-clothes before the night staff come on shift (night staff are agency and always changing- Gran has informed me that they don't know how to use the hoist properly with her specific needs/pain issues). She won't let me talk to the manager about this so the 'cycle' continues.
- comfort issues. If it takes more than 1 try to get her pillows or legs in the right position, she starts shaking/crying/making moaning sounds, despite my attempts to say 'it doesn't matter how many tries it takes- we will get there in the end'
- speech issues. If I can't understand her, she gets so frustrated that she hits her head with her fists and starts crying.