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Thread: Shower/toilet cubicle

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    Shower/toilet cubicle

    This info is third hand so might not be available.

    Shower/toilet cubicle available for donation – The unit acts like a wet room and can be installed into a downstairs room (as long as plumbing is available nearby) as you can see from the pictures below.

    The cubicle is just over a year old, was professionally installed and was only used a dozen times. It's just big enough for a wheelchair to get close and ease transfer to the seat inside.

    It originally cost more than 5500 but is available for a minimum donation of 500 to the MND Association. It will also need removing using a professional plumber and is for collection from Bicester, Oxfordshire.


    If you're interested and have connections to Mnd please post under or PM me.

    I have seen bigger ones of these also.
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    Hi Terry

    Forgive my curiosity as I am not as far gone as to need something like this at the moment.

    I could not quite work out how this will be used?

    Would you use this by seating someone on the toilet seat and then showering them whilst they sat there?

    And presumably somebody might have to lift that individual bodily from the chair into that position?


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    Hi Andy,

    Terry will probably be more knowledgable than I am but I remember reading about those shower pods on the forum before -and I think this was the website that was mentioned:-


    The shower pods are available in different sizes and the larger ones can accommodate a wheeled shower chair. I'd imagine someone with very limited use of their legs could be hoisted onto the toilet - but whether it is safe/practical to be showered while sitting there, I don't know?

    Best wishes
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    Hi Andy,

    I don't know. I would think that you would have to use the toilet seat while showering and be manoeuvred in. But lifting or manhandling in would be a bit of a problem unless the side opens.

    You probably could winch someone on a shower/toilet seat and then roll that in.

    It does look very tight.

    Maybe you can ask the person who had it, it would be good to know. I will PM you.

    Love Terry

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    Hi Andy,

    For someone fairly independent, it does look like a good solution.

    But, from my point of view as a dependent wet room user, with no hand & arm function, I can see a few compromises needing to be made, which may or may not cause problems, especially if it meant you avoiding a house move.

    The person would be put onto a wheeled commode-shower chair outside of the cubicle, then reversed up the ramp and positioned over the loo. If a hoist were needed for this transfer, it and the undressing, drying and dressing would be done outside the cubicle.

    I don't see that sink getting much use.

    The loo lid would be left up if it were used or you'd have to be rolled forward to have room to close the lid - or perhaps much of the shower water is meant to go into the loo??

    The person washing you from outside the cubicle would potentially have quite a (muscle-stressing) stretch to wash you all over.

    I see the flush is to the right of the loo, so someone may need to reach across you to flush it for you.

    It may not be suitable for a biobidet seat.

    Love Ellie.
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    Hi Terry. Is this still available?

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