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Thread: Easy push bell/buzzer?

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    I have the one that Kayleigh showed but I touch it with my toes. I'm in agreement with you Ellie that anything for disabled people is way too pricey and it's just taking advantage of us. Wouldn't have paid that price myself but I got it supplied by my OT.


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    Yes, I agree Ellie, the price of some essential equipment we need can be gob-smackingly and eye-wateringly expensive - and even alarmingly way too high-pitched at times!

    In fact, I can freely say that the only thing I usually hear that's going 'cheap' is bird-song - with, perhaps, the occasional 'cat-call' thrown in for free LOL...


    As kindly mentioned by Dina and Mick, sometimes the equipment can be provided free of charge. Therefore, I will definitely be checking out my options with my OT before raiding the safe to fund any equipment myself.


    P.S ... and just in case anyone would like to spend time reading the MNDA's free factsheet about 'Environmental Controls', I have free-posted a link to it below:-


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