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Thread: Carers arrival time

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    Carers arrival time

    Good morning, everyone
    Don't know if this is the right place for this but I am trying to find out what is a reasonable time in the morning for the first visit by a team of carers.

    Our original team used to turn up at 8am and I must admit at the time I thought that was very early. However, after being approved for CHC we were given a new company and THEIR arrival time is 9.45. To be honest, this seems far tÚo late to me but obviously we are only one of their clients. Is this actually a reasonable time or would I be justified in asking them to arrive earlier?

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    You're justified to ask for a specific time, but I wouldn't hold your breath that you'll actually get the time you want. Depending on the company, some can be extremely accommodating, but others are quite rigid in their scheduling because other people that they visit may have already put in a preference of time.

    Good luck
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    Hi Chrissie,

    Yes, timings can be hard to sort out - sometimes this involves compromise, at least in the short term but ultimately it has to work for both parties.

    I suggest talking to Douglas’ Client Services Manager (or equivalent), give your preferred arrival time and see if they can roster in Douglas on any morning(s) during the week or even in the future as more carers come on board, or as their client base changes. Talking to the company will give you a good feel for their willingness, or lack of, to accommodate Douglas…

    When I changed care provider, they couldn’t roster my first visit at a time I wanted but, in time the carers were able to come 15mins earlier, then 30 mins, which was my preferred time.

    Whatever about staying in a warm bed for an extra hour or so in the depths of winter, I’m sure on a bright spring/summer morning, it’s a different matter!

    Good luck.

    Love Ellie.
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    There's no harm in asking in a nice polite way, Chrissie;

    9:30 doesn't sound to bad a time to me but you could ask them.

    Love Terry
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    Hi Chrissie

    My first agency used to arrive between 945 and 1015. The new agency come between 730 and 740 - which is much earlier than I would like. As I have 6 hours a day over 5 visits, sometimes thereís not really long enough between visits but I accept that it is difficult for companies to schedule to everyoneís preferences. However, itís worth speaking to the company to express your preferences. If the times are really awkward even after giving the care company time for alter them you could try contacting Douglasís CHC nurse to ask if anything can be done.

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    Thank you, everyone. It had occurred to me that we are new bods and shouldn't really expect to be accommodated over more long standing clients. Also the irony that I used to think the previous team came too early 😁.
    Our ventilation nurse has said she will see if she can sort something out for us - her concern is that Douglas is needing more time on the Nippy and one of the reasons he gives is that the lateish morning eats into his available time😒

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