Good morning, everyone.

After MANY months of waiting, Doug's wheelchair arrived this morning. Unfortunately it is a manual and we were expecting a powered chair.

I rang the OT immediately and she says Doug is unable to have a powered wheelchair with MND at his stage and she was quite clear that they provide the chair and the carer is supposed to push it. Well that would be me. I have a heart condition, which is not a huge deal day-to-day but which make it impossible for me to contemplate pushing a wheelchair plus occupant. I have mentioned my health problems occasionally but it seems a bit churlish to make a big deal of what is a minor issue compared to MND.

So is our OT correct (she is coming round this afternoon to talk about it) and we have misunderstood what is available to Doug? The chair is his last hope of any independence. We could also have purchased a manual chair privately months ago instead of hanging on for what we thought would be something better - they have kept him waiting for months (which he may not have to spare&#128549 only for him to be disappointed.

I do hope this makes sense, I am really upset about this