Chrissie, I'm flabergasted by the refusal to give your Doug a powered wheelchair. I got mine through the local wheelchair services after my OT referred me. She had told me how difficult it was to get a chair. They would not give them for just outside. People had to be unable to safely walk inside too. I only got mine because of the amount of falls that I'd had at home. My OTs reason for requesting a powered chair was to avoid falls.

I wish Doug and yourself have luck on your side on overturning this seriously wrong decision. Having problems with his hands doesn't mean Doug can't make use of a powered wheelchair. As was said above other means of driving a wheelchair are available.

A word of caution. You probably won't be allowed to add a power pack to the manual wheelchair Doug was given. I asked my wheelchair provider and they refused. I had searched online for how to change a manual chair to a powered one, and this can be done, but it'd have to be a chair that you bought. That would be only a temporary measure because manual chairs do not give upper body and neck support. Nor are they a comfortable ride because no suspension.

I hope that you have good news soon. Lynne xx