i have posted on here last year, my troubles are still going on
jan 2017 stiffness in the pads of feet when i bent them
mar 2017 when i touch my legs the feet vibrate like those cheap massage things that you stand on
mar 2017 twitching started in calves and proceeded to go body wide
aug 2017 noticed nose running when i eat and lots of mucus in the back of my throat
summer of 2o18 noticed lots of saliva periodically during the day has become an all day thing
my feet have all worsened and now that strange feeling is up to my ankles
i have been everywhere as far as neurologist go,, mayo , johns hopkin, columbia presbyterian, oregon science and health amoung some of the other muscular neurologist. 7 emgs in total. which first two were clean and last 5 showed chronic problems, no acute or active. the clinical turn out fine. i have started having pain in the lower back and neck, i get sharp knife pains in my feet. twitches come and go but not a lot. i am going back to mayo a week from monday, they have another emg booked. i guess what i am asking is what would you ask of the dr. all the drs differ with their opinion some say lower back, other neuropathy and others say both. thank you for your time and consideration.