Hi folks. I am sorry to post again. I am very conscious that this forum is for people who are affected by this dreadful disease and I have mentioned that before so I want to be respectful as possible as someone who is fortunate enough to hopefully not be.

I have read both your concerns in depth especially about twitching and a few weeks ago I was equally as anxious as you. Ellie has mentioned a few times that minus clinical weakness, twitches are highly unlikely to be MND.

6 Weeks ago, I felt my hands and legs were stiff, weak and when I walked it was like walking through treacle. Like you two, I consulted Dr Google and had myself self diagnosed, very similarly to what Ellie has mentioned in regards to TAPG, almost identical in fact.

Somehow I have managed to pull myself together and although I go for a MRI on Friday, I am not as anxious as I was, primarily as my obsession about the twitches has diminished and consequently they have decreased almost to the point of stopping.

I did some research and applied a bit of common sense. I have almost stopped caffeine which I had far to much of each day. I had recently been introduced to a Sertraline anti depressant and I established that almost all anti d's can cause twitching, particularly in the infancy of being introduced to them. As we all know, anxiety also increases them. I was actually sitting staring at my muscles in a state of high angst waiting on them twitching which is ludicrous and completely irrational as we all know.

I also periodically take prescribed codeine for an old shoulder injury which causes me hassle on occasion, especially when the weather is colder. I broke it and disclocated it at the same time when playing football around ten years ago. I found an academic piece online which suggested there could be a link between codeine and sertraline which could cause twitching if taken together by increasing serotonin level to a to high level that again causes twitching.

I decided to stop taking sertraline as a process of elimination as I had only taken it a short while, to short really to have instigated improvement in my angst. This in conjunction with reducing caffeine has really reduced the twitching, almost to the point of it stopping. I am lucky if it happens once a day.

As my anxiety has reduced, my perceived problem motor wise in my hands and feet has gone. I think I may have had BFS which was accompanied by a perceived weakness which although felt real when push came to shove didn't actually stop me from performing the task. One night I was moving a wardrobe down the stairs with my wife and I 'felt weak'. really weak in fact but we still managed it.

Just a little bit to think about. Good luck