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Thread: MND Sufferers, Time to take Control

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    MND Sufferers, Time to take Control

    Time for one centre of Excellence , too much money from good intentioned donators , then run by non suffererers , who finance themselves and career funders backslapping events ,also trials after trials , and back slapping events whether in Glasow or Australia. Time for one Centre of Excellence , just for MND nothing else . Too many freeloaders. Not as much as an Aspirin in the last 30 yrs . Support this and push for it . Too many so called discoveries on so called discoveries , ie grant requests ,Its time MND Sufferers had a say. Lets go for it. No more Spongers

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    Exactly, Billy.

    We will see how much support I get on my DIY treatment plan.

    FYI, I had to get NHS to organise my gene test myself. Incredibly, it is not routine.
    Copyright Graham

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    Hi Billy, totally agree but how do we go about this ?
    Regards Jerry

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