Happy Boxing Day all

Iíve been finding cleaning my teethe harder and harder of late, especially since I struggle to open my mouth wide enough when standing as my head droops forward. I can do my front teeth ok but getting behind them is really tricky. As is spitting out - I can only really dribble. And Iím not sure if itís related but my left jaw is really sore of late and I can barely open my mouth at all, even when seated.

Has anyone else experienced difficulty cleaning their teethe & if so have you found a solution? Iím wondering about mouthwash, even though I know itís not really a substitute for brushing.

Sorry, not a particularly savoury topic. I hope youíve all day a good Christmas. Iíve done my best to be cheerful & thankful that Iím here to enjoy it at all, but must admit grumpiness has taken over from time to time!

With love