I am sorry to be the bearer of terrible news.

The world has suddenly become a poorer, darker place – our brave, vibrant, mischievous Dina has left us.

She died at 5.47 today, with her partner and loving family around her. Her son asked me if I would pass on the awful news.

Dina was diagnosed on 16th November 2018 and joined this Forum on 30th March 2019. We have all witnessed here her great kindness and concern for others, offering sympathy and sound advice, sometimes laced with perfectly judged humour. She always tried to look on the bright side, to make the best of things and encourage us to do the same. It was typical that the Celebrate the Good Things thread was her idea.

But her concern for people was far wider than this forum. She was especially active in helping the Syrian people. She was a marvellously creative craftswoman and used her skills to make clothes and children’s toys which were distributed in Syria and in refugee camps across Europe by charities she was involved with.

I got to know her only very recently, when we exchanged PMs initially as a way of easing her boredom in hospital. Her admission to Wythenshawe hospital became protracted due to difficulties around CHC funding. The staff on the ward, who loved her, rallied round and eventually a solution emerged. But the stress of not knowing when she would be able to go home certainly caused the rate of progression of her MND to increase.

Nevertheless, she continued to participate in the MIROCALS trial and other research in the hope that it would eventually benefit others. She also sought out other MND patients on the ward, to offer a friendly ear.

And as recently as the last few days of December she was contributing posts here that were full of helpful information, sympathy and encouragement to her fellow forum members.

She had a brilliant mind and wrote beautifully on many topics in which we shared an interest.

Our condolences go to Peter and her family.

Forgive me. I am too upset to write more.