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Thread: Dina's funeral

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    Hello Kathryn,

    Thank you for kindly letting us know how Dina's funeral went today.

    It's lovely to hear about the very fitting way that loved ones and friends paid their respects and celebrated Dina's life.

    I will always remember Dina as a very kind and caring lady who generously used her time and many talents to help, comfort and bring joy to others.

    I will never forget that Dina had a heart of gold, a sparkling personality and a wonderful (& sometimes cheeky) sense of humour - as well as a love of disco music .. and I imagine her happily dancing along with the angels when 'Disco Inferno' was played during the celebration of her life today.

    Love to you and your family. I hope Mr Boiler is as well as possible.

    Love Kayleigh x

    P.S. I often think of you and your husband (especially when I am listening to my favourite Elvis songs!). I realise you must be very busy and so thank you for keeping in touch with us, as often as you can.
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    Thank you Kathryn, Lynne and Steve for attending Dina funeral. She was very special to us on the forum. I will miss her.


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