Hi everyone,

Hope someone can give info and advice.

So you know Iím 50 and my mum had als in her mid 60s which started with foot drop, so this adds to my worry.

For the last two months Iíve had continuous fasciculations in both legs / calf muscles and left forearm and bicep and odd possible twitch sensation in other bicep. No obvious weakness to start with but have gradually had pains or aching in left arm and especially thumb area. Can still pinch grip do everything etc normally but I do get definite pain aching , for example when tilting my coffee cup to drink from, and especially when fully rotating/circling my thumb. No injury or strain to explain this so I think something is going on.

Also I have had the odd sensation of cramp/hard muscle in bicep and some shoulder tightness when my arm is above my head in bed for example. Comes with almost a buzzing sensation in shoulder and down/underarm at times.

Also shortly after fasciculations started I noticed my elbow joints making a very audible crackle sound when fully bending. Is this anything people are familiar with?

These are all new symptoms for me and difficult to explain.

Guess I will have to visit the doctor but not feeling hopeful given my mum had als and my symptoms. I tell myself I tís not clinical weakness yet , but is this a familiar onset story re my symptoms that others can recognise.

Appreciate any reply.

Many thx