I am new to the forum and canít say itís a club I want to be part of but I suppose everyone feels the same.
I was given a diagnosis October 19. I started to twitch in June 19 and this has spread everywhere except on my face. After numerous tests I was given a probable diagnosis and saw my neurologist again in January who says there is nothing else this can be but I donít fully meet the diagnostic criteria so canít give me formal diagnosis.
I twitch all the time and also feel very shaky. My hands visibly shake and my legs and back shake when standing up but this isnít visible. I feel like Iím wired up and get vibrating feeling in my arms, shoulders and legs. I still work and can still do everything normally although feel things are an effort. I also get a lot of burning/prickling sensations.
I just wondered if anyone else has these symptoms and if so do you take any medication to reduce the symptoms?