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Thread: Nausea

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    Good Morning Lovely People

    A quickie

    Nausea is something I could do without whilst trying to deal with all the other MND symptoms.
    Is there anything out there that helps to alleviate or just tone down the feelings of nausea?

    Find something to enjoy today - it's there somewhere!!


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    Hi Standardbeatz,

    Nausea is something we can do without, try eating things you like. Maybe speak to your dietitian.

    Sunny still here and plan to go to costa's while it's still fairly safe.

    Love Terry
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    Sorry you're having nausea, Standardbeatz - any idea what's causing it? Meds, food, constipation, hunger, dehydration etc?

    You should definitely mention it to your GP, nurse or at clinic.

    Hope you get it sorted soon as t's something you can do without

    Best wishes.

    Love Ellie.
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    Hello Standardbeatz,
    I had terrible time with nausea, Doctors where perplexed as to the cause, as I have bulbar palsy vomiting was especially distressing as my airway would spasm and it was terrifying, as there is no cause for my nausea they think itís the way Iím eating and getting lots of trapped air so they prescribed me Lanszoprizole (canít remember how to spell it) this protects the the lining of my stomach and touch wood no more Nausea or vomiting since January, do as Ellie suggests, get checked out for any problems firsts and get those sorted first, I know how horrible it is, I wish you luck in getting this controlled sooner rather than later, all the best x

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