What a joke Access to Work is.

I want to work for several reasons, but currently struggle to get to work.
I have been riding a motorbike to work on a daily basis for the past 6 years, come rain or shine, very rarely using my car.
The main reason is parking and traffic in Sheffield. I live 5 miles from work, I have also cycled it before.
I am in the early stages of PMA, diagnosed at the beginning of Jan 2020, affecting my arms / shoulders.
I stopped cycling (2019) after my arms gave way and tipped me over the handlebars, and stopped motorcycling because I could not hold up the bike and I now drive my car, although DVLA have requested my licence and will be taking off my motorhome category (over 3.5t).
I was advised to contact Access to Work, which I did, and they rang me and basically said I need a letter from my doctor stating that I am unable to Walk, Drive, Cycle or catch a bus to work.
Walking 5 miles to work surely is not expected? Cycling not possible, driving is getting more difficult, but everyone surely can catch a bus, so what is Access to Work for?
If I was that disabled that I could not catch a bus, how would I work? Seems like a catch 22?