Hi All!

I was referred by my GP to a Neurologist after a series of falls and a twitches in my hands and legs but my Neurologist is confident that all is fine.
The problem I have is my Neurologist has been dismissive of my symptoms from first appointment and the only clinical exams done have been strength tests and reflex tests. My right arm and shoulder are very stiff and I struggle to pick up a glass from the press where I i use to warm up daily with 35kg weights. I've been a body builder for several years and know my body very well. My strength would be above normal and I know I'm not what I once was, I was told to have physio and soak in bath. I did all that but things have been just getting worse.
Since my first appointment 6 months ago with the neurologist, things have gone down hill, besides been exhausted during the day, to the point I need an hours nap and struggle to get up, I have lost 25kg in muscle mass but to look at me you would not notice as I was so big before. My wife is concerned about the muscle loss too and I have also started to get really bad muscles cramps and muscle spasms all over my body. I'm dropping things a-lot and my fingers are not what the use to be with dexterity and now I have some pretty brisk reflexes when touched in certain muscle groups on arms and legs.
I suppose besides been very worried that I'm going down hill and cant explain it, is it worth seeking out a second opinion to my existing Neurologist and I am i symptomatic or what would typically be early stages MND?

Thank You and apologise if its just a rambling but I really do know what to do next.