Hi all,
I hope you don't mind me asking for some advice.

Since January I started to experience some very different feelings with my body and having done the daft thing of plugging them into Google it threw back MND as a possible cause.

Through my GP I managed to get an early appointment with a Neurologist and the main symptoms that I outlined to him were:
- Feeling of weakness in right arm and right leg
- Fasciculations in both lower limbs and thighs, along with internal vibrations in other parts of my body
- Pins and needles in both hands and feet (I know that this is not commonly associated with MND)
- Initially right shoulder sore but I know have the same sensation in the left shoulder
- Pain in lower right back
He completed the standard clinical tests and I have had an EMG / nerve test and a MRI all of which came back normal.

Over the past month my symptoms persist and the fasciculations in my calves, especially when relaxed, appear to be intensifying. It goes without saying that this consumes a tremendous amount of my waking thoughts.

My follow up appointment with the neurologist has been delayed, but even when it is rescheduled I believe he will likely say that we just need to keep monitoring.

From anyone's experience can you give me any guidance on how I should prepare for the next appointment to try and arrive at a definitive answer / course of action or ask the right questions?

Any advice greatly received.