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Thread: Please help

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    I do hope you can accept that your symptoms are unlikely to be MND. The health of your Mum must be difficult to cope with, even more so in the current lockdown which can’t but impact on your anxiety levels. More CBT is certainly worth taking if you can access it.

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    Thank you Miranda. I will try to work on things and also look at ways to stay off the internet for a while.

    Sarah x

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    Hi Sarah,

    Sorry to hear of your worries, I was diagnosed with Bulbar onset 16 months ago but if itís any help Iíve never had tongue twitches despite the fact my tongue has shrunk dramatically as predicted, Iíve virtually lost the ability to speak and swallow, now use a feed tube instead. Only twitches Iíve had is in my chin/jaw and a few in legs and arms but Iím still physically ok and active.
    I think your GP is probably right you donít have enough symptoms really to have Bulbar MND.



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