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    I am struggling a bit using my knife in my right, dominant hand. I bought a light weight steak knife about eighteen months ago and that has done well by making it easier to cut things up. But the handle is tricky for me now, so Iím exploring other options. My OT suggested special cutlery a few weeks ago. I pictured clumsy child like cutlery so declined. I said that I'd try putting foam tubing on my knife handle. She passed some of this in to me about a month ago. Unfortunately this was too big for my hands.

    I then ordered a set of cutlery from NRS Healthcare. These came yesterday. They turned out to be too heavy for me. I emailed my OT yesterday about this. Not heard from her yet and I donít know if sheís back doing her OT job, since she had been taken off that to help get all patients out of hospices and established safely at home.

    Has anybody come across a good set of lightweight cutlery with handles that are a bit bigger than standard, and comfortable in use?

    Thanks, Lynne
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    Would angled or curved lightweight cutlery be of any use to you Lynne? I think the problem is that 'easy grip' cutlery tends to be weighted for stability but hopefully someone can recommend a lightweight brand for you. or your OT will contact you next week.

    I used foam grips for a short while, which were quite narrow (my hands are small)

    Hope you are doing well during the lockdown Lynne.

    Love Ellie.
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