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Thread: Going backwards

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    Going backwards

    As I return to the cot, sadly without my dear mum, dribble is king. Does anyone have any good ideas to combat the effect? I'm not talking drugs as there is only really one that I take! 🤔😊

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    Short of sticking a loo roll in your mouth, the only sure way I'm aware off to reduce saliva production is by taking specific meds, I'm afraid.

    I take glycopyrronium but hyoscine, atropine and amitriptyline are also prescribed, and having Botox injections into the salivary glands works well too.

    I know of natural remedies to thin secretions but not of stopping them - hopefully other people do and will share.

    Botox of any interest??
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    I drinking pineapple juice and a nightly spoonful of Gaviscon which is helping me.

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