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    Beach wheelchairs

    Does anyone have any experience of using beach-accessible wheelchairs? We have a caravan in a West Wales which we bought a couple of years ago (pre diagnosis), principally for walking our beloved dogs on the beautiful nearby beaches. I’m now confined to a wheelchair and we’re planning to make the caravan accessible (which should be straightforward once I’m up on its deck as it’s all one level), but I really want to be able to walk on the beach so any recommendations/experience would be very gratefully received.

    Thanks all
    Sarah xx

    Hi Sarah,

    I don't have experience of using a beach wheelchair but the disability horizons website has information about where they can be hired in the UK and it also includes information about accessible beaches:-


    I'm not sure how suitable beach wheelchairs are for everyone because, for example, some people need a wheelchair that provides extra support for their head and neck and the beach wheelchair pictured on that webpage doesn't appear to provide that type of support.

    Love and best wishes,


      Hi Sarah,

      I used a few different types of beach wheelchairs last year on holiday. Providing you have core strength you should be okay. The ones with the big inflatable wheels are good if the sand is soft and also if you want to go into the water.

      Best wishes,
      I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


        Thanks both. Having seen the ones in the Disability Horizons article Kayleigh mentions above, i must admit i have some concerns about getting onto and, more the point, back up from one of these. But luckily for me one of the beaches mentioned - Broadhaven in Pembrokeshire - is close to the caravan and in fact the son of a friend of a friend is a lifeguard down there so i think what i'll do is give one a test drive and see how i get on. If it works well for me (& my wife who will be pushing it!) i'll consider buying one -we're down there so often from March-December so the cost will hopefully be worth it for me. I do wish all-terrain chairs were more of a thing - i so miss going for walks with my much loved dogs in a favourite places. We bought the caravan and also our new house because of the nearby dog walks - not that they rule our lives or anything! :-)

        Thanks for the tips so far!


          Hi Sarah

          As Barry says if your sand is very soft you may need the balloon wheels. If the sand is more compact you may get away with a motorised tramper or similar. There's a great beach at Woolacombe and you can go across that in a tramper - I even managed to get into the edge of the sea.

          It's worth the effort - good luck!



          Diagnosed 05/2017 Familial ALS Limb onset


            Hi Sarah,
            Keep enjoying your caravan, we rented a wheelchair accessible one last year and it was lovely ramp going up onto decking, plenty of room. I don't know anything about the beach wheelchairs.
            Soon be March .



              ooh yes the sand on the beaches we go to is compact so i'll look into tramper options- thank you!


                I intend to Sheila! The caravan itself is plenty spacious enough for my chair, just need to sort access to the deck but should be doable by laying tracking across the grass in front of it - as long as the site owner agrees (hopefully, given we pay 4K ground rent a year, he will!!). And at the very least we have lovely views of the sea from it. Counting down the days! :-) xx


                  I know ground rent etc is dear. We live near a haven site, and depending on the positions of the caravans , anything from 4,000 to 8,ooo
                  Yours sounds wonderful, a sea view as well.


                    I have 1 if you want, I am ready to give it for free


                      That’s a very kind offer but I’m in Wales & you’re in the US??