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Remote control wall sockets

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    Remote control wall sockets

    A friend drew these to my attention. They should be a great help to those of us who can't bend down to reach existing sockets. Costco about £14.

    As I understand it, they plug in to existing sockets and up to four can be controlled independently and remotely

    I hope I've attached the photo correctly.

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    Good afternoon Doug

    Thank you

    As I was passing I had a look.

    You need to be careful with them as to the power they draw - the ones I saw would not for example be safe with an electric fan heater drawing 13 A


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      Hi there,

      I have used very similar ones to these for years from Maplin and I do believe that are 13A but you would have to check.

      I do have them on blow heaters but because they are just back ground heating they are on half power.

      Make sure that any heaters are safe because they can easily be switched on.

      In my lounge I use two of them, one on top of the other because it is more at risk of getting covered or knocked over.

      Each controller can be set to four different wave lengths so you could control 16 devices, separately.

      Love Terry
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