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    Hands free kit

    Thought I would post this which could be useful to anyone who may find it difficult to use their mobile phone due to muscle weakness in their hands . Bought one today ..
    Just pair your mobile phone with the device which is ultra fast ..Only took a few minutes..
    Then connect your phone and the device to Bluetooth
    It is a hands free kit and you can ask the device to call any person who is on your contacts list on your phone . . It also will tell you there is a call coming through to you. .. names the caller and gives you the choice to accept or decline the call .
    The sound is excellent on both incoming and outgoing calls
    Your mobile phone does not need to be beside you as the calls are all made and received by the device .. you can answer or make a call without touching your phone ..All voice activated .
    They are sold for use in a car but it can be used in your home no problem ...dvd