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    Amazon Echo... Alexa

    I was given Alexa for Christmas and have to say it's been very useful. My voice hasn't been affected by MND yet. I was given the small gadget which is under £50. It is so simple to set alarms to remind me to take my meds. I just say... Alexa set alarm each day at 8.30 am. Etc and that's it. I can add items to a shopping list, get her to tell me jokes, riddles and even sing a song as well as playing requested music from my playlist. She has news and football results at her... can I say fingertips? She gives me a weather report etc etc. Occasionally she thinks I've mentioned her name and interrupts conversations so I have to be firm and say Alexa, stop.. so obedient but I feel guilty not saying thank you, ha ha.

    I got one for Xmas too, and promptly started to lose my voice. The irony eh.


      Hey Nigel - I hope you are still enjoying your Amazon Alexa..

      I've been asked to choose between the Alexa and the Google version.

      Doe anyone have any recommendations ? Also how much clarity does your voice need to have for it to pick it up? I've also heard they can hear you from a different room even when music is playing - how true is this?

      It will not be much use to me if I have to get myself right next to it every time I want to use it.

      Any pointers, tips or experiences would be great


        Hi Gang

        I have the Alexa one and I swear I think its a double agent spy living in my house working for our Government, the Russians or the 'internet people' !!!

        It's listening to everything !! It freaks me out, I had two weird experiences with it, but my hubby thinks I'm just being paranoid about it, but my son says it's a spy as well !

        Just watch what you say in front of her ....



          CC is spot on! I have an Alexa echo in the kitchen and the dot in my bedroom and living room.
          It is a bit weird at times but I wouldn't be without her.
          I've just ordered some plugs so i can use her to control my lamps
          Looking at using her for the central heating next.
          I wouldn't want the one with the camera that's for sure!


            I had the Alexa echo which was great, but then my daughter bought the Alexa show with the 7" screen when
            it was on offer the other week - £199 down to £119 - so I bought one myself. I can now not only call my
            daughter, but I can see her as well, plus my grandson of course......they live in Colchester, whereas im in
            Burnley, so its great for keeping in contact.

            Oh and ive given the echo to my other daughter.