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Predictable app - apple v android

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    Predictable app - apple v android

    Hi everyone

    I've been testing the Predictable app on an iPad. Finding the app great but has anyone used it on an Android system? Any feedback? Does it work as good as in apple?

    I think the app is worth the £160 if the android version its glitch free but if I have to get iPad too its v pricey!!


    jules x

    Hi Jules,

    I have predictable on my iPad but I have recently switched to
    If you have already recorded your voice with modeltalker then it may be worth asking if SpeakUnique can transfer it or the alternative is to use their synthetic version.

    Best wishes,
    I’m going to do this even if it kills me!


      Thank you for the information on speakuniique Barry. I've been putting off voice banking but I'm now inspired to do this.

      Love Debbie x


        Predictable can be loaded free from the MNDA. I have it on an iPad but is works equally well on Android. Predictable 6 is coming out soon with enhanced features and anyone with Predictable 5 gets a free update. I used Acapela for my voice.


          Thanks- sadly this has hit with little notice or time to record my voice etc

          but will look into the app from mnda

          take care

          jules xx


            I’ve recently had the Speech Assistant app provided through MNDA/Speech Therapy and love it. I didn’t get on with predictable and have tried many others over the years (voice banking wasn’t around when I,lost my speech).