Pete said;

"On a lighter note anyone who uses the Speak It app if they update to IOS 11 the ap ceases to work so the website refuses to answer emails asking for updates for the app ,so it’s search for another ,just another query what type of matress is best ,the pumped air one I have is damned uncomfortable any advice would be appreciated".

I know that many people use this "Speak It" app on I Pads so this a concern. I would be tempted to ask the Mnda specialist as he is very knowledgeable.

Also get your speech therapist involved. The only other goodish app that I know is "Predictable" but it is different and costs about £190. The Mnda or your speech therapist might give you monies towards this.

Love Terry

PS:- I know that there are a few different types and the pressures etc can be altered. If you can't move around in bed then you may well need one of these types to stop bed sores. Ellie knows about this a lot more than me and hopefully she will pick it up on another thread.