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  • DeeH
    HI Chris,

    Following this for information.

    Husband does not have a wheel chair yet, still determined to stagger about the house (my heart is in my mouth), only diagnosed 4 months with MND. But I am interested in what is available in the MAS area. It sounds like something he would need as Fail Arm Syndrome (not said by doctor but MND nurse) and really struggling with using his arms. OT is keen but not exactly full of information. I had to ask about the bath lift but as soon as I did, it came within 2 weeks.

    best wishes


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  • The Blue Teddy
    started a topic Mobile Arm Supports

    Mobile Arm Supports

    I have been referred for mobile arm supports (MAS) for my wheelchair. These are to assist me in coping with daily tasks that require me to lift my hands to my head & face. I'm to be assessed by OUH Specialist Disability Service. I haven't received much information and I need to sign a funding agreement in advance. Is there anyone who has been through this process and can give me some idea of what to expect or what the equipment is like to live with. My powerchair is well cluttered already.
    Thanks, Chris