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Looking into wireless / WiFi heating solution , any insight would be great

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    Looking into wireless / WiFi heating solution , any insight would be great

    Hi I am thinking about having a WIFI heating thermostat HIVE or NEST which I can add light bulbs and sockets at later date. Does anyone use this to make things easier and if so can you recommend which system I should have installed .

    I hope you are keeping well

    Take care


    Hi Mark,

    I had a Nest Thermostat E fitted in October. I didn't think it a priority in terms of making the house more disabled friendly, but the existing wireless non-smart thermostat was on its way out and it was fiddly to change the schedule as the seasons change. We don't usually change the temperature very often. We have a combi boiler with TRVs so the E model was adequate. After installation it took a few days for the thermostat to learn how long it took for the radiators to heat the rooms before it settled down. It was overshooting the set temperature by a couple of degrees initially. For example if the temperature was set to 21C it might get to 23 before shutting off and down to 19 before switching back on. This was a bit worrying at first, I thought I'd made a mistake buying it. However, after two or three days it settled down and now I've not adjusted it since before Christmas. The schedule is a bit fiddly to adjust on a phone but easy on a tablet or laptop. If you have still got the use of your hands it's a reasonably simple DIY job. I haven't, so my nephew, who is an electrician, did it. Took him about 15 minutes.
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      Hi Gary
      Thanks for reply , like yourself bit of a worry how it works itself out, not to good with technology. Always had timer and booster if was too. Probably get someone in to fit Thanks