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WiFi heating system at home any insight would be great ,

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    WiFi heating system at home any insight would be great ,

    Hi I am thinking about having a WIFI heating thermostat HIVE or NEST which I can add light bulbs and sockets at later date. Does anyone use this to make things easier and if so can you recommend which system I should have installed .

    I hope you are keeping well

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    I was discussing this with my husband recently, we were thinking of getting an Alexa but we already use HIVE and have a couple of lights set up to come on when we are away. I am starting to struggle to switch on lights so are now thinking of getting some more bulbs to help me


      Hi Mark,
      I have the hive system installed in my home. I managed to get it in a sale on Amazon and it was fitted for me by British Gas, I did not have to do anything other than place the order. I cannot praise the system highly enough, I can control it through an app on my iPad or I can control it through Alexa. my wife and daughter can still use the thermostat in the hallway (which is a digital display) as well if they so wish, this is also portable so you can move it around the house if you need to. You can set as many on and off times as you like and have different ones for different days too. When you leave the house you can still control your heating with your phone which is really handy in cold weather if you want to warm the house up for your return. It also has a boost function, frost protection and a holiday mode.
      Just for the record I don’t work for hive πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
      hope this helps?
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