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    Thanks Ellie.

    It's very kind of you to give us such detailed advice and information.

    I hope you are enjoying your first Spring-time in your new home.

    Kayleigh xx


      Hi All,

      I used to wake up suddenly and couldn't breathe. It hasn't happened for six or more months..

      It is very distressing to say the least but I thought that the worst that could happen would be that I would pass out and then relax and breathe. I never did get to that stage and was more relaxed from then on.

      So it well could have been a Laryngospasm.

      Love Terry
      TB once said that "The forum is still the best source for friendship and information."

      It will only remain so if new people post and keep us updated on things that work or don't work and tips.

      Please post on old threads that are of use so that others see them and feel free to start new subjects and threads.


        Hi all!

        Plenty of food for thought there and it's all appreciated!! It does sound very much like Kayleigh had but I also get quite a build up of mucus at the back of the throat so I am not going to rule out anything. Could very well be Laryngospasm! Seems like a lot of you guys out there have had it (or it's ongoing.)

        Best thing for me is to try and keep calm! My husband is always telling me to relax but that's easier said then done lol.

        Once again! Thank you all for the advice. That's given me some much needed peace of mind!

        Sheila x