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any recommendations for bi lingual text to speech ?

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    any recommendations for bi lingual text to speech ?

    I live in Istanbul (have done for the past thirty years).
    My voice is going fast and I have found and am starting to get the hang of a simple app for phone (android) called Speech App and it works fine for English, but while half my social life and my professional life are in English the practicalities of life and about half my social life are in Turkish. The app I can get to work has a few other languages but not Turkish. I can find online sites that will 'voice' bits of Turkish I write in (so they are understandable), but that takes too long. I am looking for an app that I can store two profiles in with a bunch of pre set phrases - one English and one Turkish ... or even just a pure Turkish app and I can open whichever one seems context appropriate. Does anyone have any recommendations ?
    and I have tried in the Turkish forums here, but not got any good leads (the only one they recommend means I have to set the default language in the whole phone to Turkish).

    What about simple translation apps - my French one can speak the phases. Maybe you'd better using some voice simple voice banking software