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  • Jaxx
    We have a one on loan through the OT

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  • Montana Tony
    Stairlift advice

    Hi Hazzle
    I got a stairlift a couple of years ago now ( when I was still just about able to climb the stairs ) however it proved to be a sound investment and I find it invaluable ,we got a used stairlift no more than a year old with an 18 month glee delivered and fitted for around £800 from a firm in Durham who deliver countrywide ,their name is stairlift express they have a great website

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    Thanks Ellie and Ann for your comprehensive replies! Definitely food for thought.

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  • Annb
    Hello Hazzle
    Our stairlift has proved invaluable. It was fitted initially for my husband and now I live alone it allows me to go upstairs in my house.
    We did look at through the floor lifts too. These are more expensive and the house needs to have the right configuaration. Our house was not suitable but might well have been our first choice as they are more convenient.
    We got quotes from several companies and the costs varied considerably. The assessors who visited varied in their help and expertise.The least expensive stairlifts are those that go straight up. These can sometimes be bought secondhand. If there is turn in the stairs this does increase the cost. The width of the stairs in some older houses can also abe H&S consideration. We had to change our bannisters. The landing also needs to be of a sufficient size and space to get on/off safely.
    My husband used a manual wheelchair and as an amputee could not stand. Getting him on/off the lift involved using a slideboard. His wheelchair was lower than the lift-chair and it did became more difficult as he became weaker. Unfortunately, the company told us they could not lower the seat. We actually took a day out and went to visited the Stennar factory near Basingstoke. This enabled us to see and try a lift before buying. This proved useful and it did reassure my husband.
    Something to be considered before choosing which make to buy is the cost of repairs and repair-contracts once the guarantee expires. Ours has proved expensive but they do come out promptly in an emergency which is essential. I am moving soon and they have agreed to take it out free of charge and pay me a small amount back.
    Our stair-lift has made it possible to stay in our home. It was expensive but has proved to be an essential piece of equipment.
    I use a small Salsa electric chair which has a lift function incorporated, so I find getting on and off the lift much easier.
    The MNDA might be able to give some advise.
    Good luck finding the right lift.

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  • Ellie
    Hi Hazzle,

    I got very good use from my stair lift even though I am totally dependent - no arm function, legs which don't move but are weight bearing thanks to spasticity - but I needed help to transfer on and off it.

    Depending on your leg function, you can either shuffle (safely) from wheelchair to stair lift, use a transfer turntable or patient turner, or use a hoist.

    Whichever way you transfer, you need enough space to accommodate the equipment - this is really important to know before the stair lift is fitted, for example which side of the stairs is best (they don't have to go on the wall side) and where is best to transfer (you may need an extra turn in the stair lift rail for example) You don't want to be left with an unusable stair lift!!

    I had a wheeled shower chair/commode upstairs which I used to bring me to and from the stair lift in the morning and at night, I had a WC downstairs so I didn't need to go upstairs during the day. I used a transfer turntable until we moved house 3 months ago to a bungalow.

    If you're not eligible to have a stair lift supplied and are unsure about spending a chunk of money on one, they are available to rent.

    Good luck.

    Love Ellie.

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  • Guest
    Guest started a topic Stair lift

    Stair lift

    Hi everyone
    We're considering the purchase of a stair lift and wondered if you could share with me your experiences of using them, particularly getting on and off. I'm in a wheelchair but although my hands are quite useless my arms and upper body are quite strong still.