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    Capita and Pip

    Hi all,I was assessed by Capita in June before I had been fully diagnosed so in July I contacted Capita to inform them of the diagnoses, but I had heard nothing until my wife phoned Capita today 23 October who confirmed that all the paperwork has been sent to Works and Pensions on the 13th October,I enquired why the delay and the lady whose name is Aurora ( most unusual name ) said they had needed a medical diagnosis before they could pass my claim on to W & P, and I was led to believe that PIP was based on the ability to be able to do things around the house and stand and walk a distance,so who knows when I will receive anything, and I cannot claim carer's allowance until I receive PIP, I find all this bewildering.As I am under Walton and Professor Young's team inc a benefits advisor I spoke to back in July or Aug who said he would get to the bottom of it,but nothing became of that either,even contacted CIB locally and they said if you come down we can discuss it and I said I had got MND and was enquiring about PIP, she assumed I was talking about PPI,so I asked her or someone to come to see me, (CAB is about 2mls from my house,no can do she said but I can put you in touch with AGE CONCERN,so I wait with baited breath.

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    Hi rustygates

    As you come under Walton, try contacting Kathy James at MNDA, Mic was knocked back on his first application for DLA and she got it sorted out really quickly.

    Contact details are: Merseyside and Cheshire - Tel: 08453 751832 Fax: 0151 298 2333
    If it is not her area I am sure she will point you in the right direction.



      Hi rusty gates

      Sorry for asking what is capita. We have just applied for pip knowing full well we will not qualify yet. We also spoke to ate concern and asked for someone to come out and explain what benefits my husband would be entitled to once he has finished work, which will probably be in the new year. They suggested we look on line. Would be interested to know how you get on with them.

      Lilylou x


        Hi Lilylou;

        Have a look st the information sheets on the main web site. Sheet 22 A covers PIP and other. Sheet 22 B might be of interest as well. You might get free prescriptions as well if hubby needs any help getting out.

        Good luck, Terry
        TB once said that "The forum is still the best source for friendship and information."

        It will only remain so if new people post and keep us updated on things that work or don't work and tips.

        Please post on old threads that are of use so that others see them and feel free to start new subjects and threads.


          For a start Capita is the Contractor who evaluates you and determines if you are eligible for this PIP which before April was called Disability Allowance,this PIP has gone off half-cocked as usual,'s flawed and no one seems to know or explain it other than what they read on tinterweb. And as for Prescriptions in Wales we get them free anyway,all I can do is wait and try and speak to someone who knows what they are talking about and not listen to those who are guessing


            I am sorry if my post upset you, it was addressed to Lilylou;

            I will try to copy and paste the relevant part of the information sheet on here as it might be of use to someone.
            I would always call Mnda connect if I was not getting the information I required.

            Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

            What is it?

            PIP is a benefit to help with some of the extra costs of long-term ill-health or
            disability, based on how your condition affects you, not what your condition
            is. It is not means tested and is a non-taxable cash benefit.

            PIP replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for new claimants from June
            2013. If you have an existing DLA award, you will be reassessed and
            transferred at some point between autumn 2013 and 2018.

            Please note: in Northern Ireland, new claims will begin from Autumn 2013
            and from October 2015 all other existing working age DLA customers will be
            reassessed for the new benefit.

            The benefit has two components: a daily living component and a mobility
            component. If you qualify, you could be awarded money for one or both
            parts, at either a standard rate or enhanced rate. If successful, your claim will
            be backdated to the date you started the claim (but not to the date you were
            diagnosed or the problems started).

            Do I qualify?

            Whether you are working or not, you may get Personal Independence
            Payment (PIP) if you:

            • have a physical or mental disability, or both
            • have difficulties with activities related to daily living and/or mobility
            • are aged between 16 and 64 when you claim (after 65, you can apply
            for Attendence Allowance (AA) instead)
            • have been resident in Great Britain for at least two of the last three

            You must have had difficulties with activities related to daily living and/or
            mobility for at least 3 months. These difficulties must affect you at some point
            during the day, on the majority of days, ie more than 50%.

            How do I apply?

            If you already receive DLA, the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) will
            contact you when you need to transfer to PIP. If you apply for PIP in the
            timescale requested, your DLA will continue until the DWP make a decision
            about your claim. If you do not apply for PIP when requested, your DLA will
            end (even if you have an indefinite or lifetime award).

            Stage one of the application: is completed by phone on: 0800 917 2222 or
            textphone: 0800 917 7777. You can ask them to call you back as this can
            take up to 45 minutes. Someone else can call on your behalf, but you need to
            be with them when they call. You can also write to request a form which you
            can return by post (this may delay your claim). If you have speech and 19
            communication difficulties, and you do not have someone to act as your
            representative, it may be possible to have a home visit arranged.

            This first stage of the application will determine if you need to be fast tracked
            through a process called Special Rules for the daily living component and the
            mobility component if you are eligible

            Fast tracking means you can avoid completing the ‘How your Disability
            Affects you’ form which contains questions on the daily living component and
            the mobility component. If you are eligible your award will be paid more
            quickly. Your doctor needs to sign a DS1500 form, which you then send to
            support your claim, but do not delay starting the claim if you are still awaiting
            the DS1500. Special Rules state that a prognosis of under 6 months is
            required, but this is a guideline only and all awards under Special Rules are
            given for a 3 year period.

            Stage two of the application: if you are not fast tracked, you will need to go
            through the second stage of the application which requires filling in a
            lengthier form and can take some time to be processed. The provision of
            good supporting evidence from your health and social care team is important
            and you should answer questions about your condition in detail to ensure
            your receive an appropriate level of award for your needs.

            During the second stage, the level of award for PIP is usually determined by
            face to face assessment, but this is unlikely to be requested in most cases of

            Where can I find the full details?

            Search for Personal Independence Payment on the GOV.UK website at
   or contact the Personal Independence Payment Helpline:
            Telephone: 0845 850 3322
            Textphone: 0845 601 6677

            We provide a leaflet called Don’t delay which explains about providing
            supporting evidence for PIP and AA from your health and social care team
            (see Further information at the end of this sheet for details about other

            If you are awarded the enhanced rate for mobility and your award is for at
            least 12 months, you may be able to use this for the Motability Scheme. The
            Motability Scheme is explained in Information sheet 8 – Choosing the right
            vehicle for you (see Further information at the end of this sheet for details
            about other publications).
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            TB once said that "The forum is still the best source for friendship and information."

            It will only remain so if new people post and keep us updated on things that work or don't work and tips.

            Please post on old threads that are of use so that others see them and feel free to start new subjects and threads.


              Hi terry

              Thank you for your reply will let you know how we get on. We posted off our forms for pip today with letters from his doctor. He is still able to feed himself and dress himself so not expecting to get it although by the time they reply he might not be able to do those things and we will have to re-apply. The whole thing is totally exhausting and frustrating.

              Lyn lilylou x


                Hi Terry ,

                I had spent a few hours with a benefits specialist a few months back discussing what we could and couldn't claim for ,as we were paying for his time ,I think it was unbiased to any party ,just sound sense really ,as inevitably the subject of DLA versus PIP came up and it made sense to me ,but as all changes cause massive upheaval to people involved ,each one depending on there situation and levels of disability will be assessed by a third party supposedly knowing about the criteria levels that a person has to meet ,and the level of award ,if any is awarded,
                We as MND diagnosed and already on DLA, would not be subjected to the interview stage but in some cases where it was deemed fitting our claims would be viewed to see that we did indeed meet the new criteria set . I can't see why if anyone who is genuinely disabled and in genuine need of the award because of their condition and limited physical capability should get upset at being asked a few questions ,as the changes where instigated to reduce the ever rising claims on DLA and weed out those not entitled to it in the first place !!, so nothing will change in his view for genuine claimants ,only those who do not meet the levels set will have problems and can still appeal the outcome ,like DLA.
                What is worrying is the news that now if you are accused rightly or falsely of claiming DLA ,your benefit will stop ,and you will have to apply for PIP, some feel this is wrong and a back door way of getting folk off DLA !!!, as it's another unfounded as yet ,topic that will no doubt cause more bad feeling . Just need to know if you have nothing to hide, you have no reason to worry ,as my projected review date is 2015 or there about ,my aim is to live that long and not fret about things that may happen .