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    VAT on heating

    Hello all

    We have just had wetroom finished and didn't pay VAT.
    Now the central heating has packed up and a new Combi getting fitted on Thursday and Friday this week

    Does anyone know if we are eligible to not paying VAT on heating?


    Joycie xx

    Hi Joycie,
    This is just my opinion, not definitive. I am a retired accountant. The Zero rating for VAT applies to adaptations to a home for the benefit of a disabled person. This would apply to the creation of a wet room for your use but I would struggle to see how repairing of a central heating system for your home could said to be an adaptation for the benefit of a disabled person.
    I seem to think you have explored the government scheme which finances installing more efficient boilers into homes to replace one which relied on outdated inefficient technology. That may be an option which would reduce your expense.
    It may be worth Peter ringing and talking to HM Revenue and Customs VAT enquiry line to get their view on the replacement boiler. They are usually quite amenable and will research and get back to you. Also mnda may be able to advise.

    Good luck.


      Since I posted, I have looked on internet and I totally agree with what you say, John. It is a 'no no' . We will just go ahead and pay it. (It was only a thought! Love Joycie xx