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Confused about direct payments and continuing health care plans

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    Confused about direct payments and continuing health care plans

    I hope someone can help clarify the very complicated system of health care and what needs to be done in what order. The social worker has met with my parents (dad has MND and mam is full time carer with no help at the moment) and is processing a direct payments package. Is this a care package? Mam now doesn't want the hassle of arranging payments herself so what does she do to change this? She does need some help now because she is not having any sleep due to looking after dad 24 hours a day.

    Also, the specialist nurse has advised that we need to set up a meeting to put CHC in place but we need to have a care package in place before we can do this.

    It is very confusing and dad is deteriorating rapidly. I hope someone can help me make sense of this so we can get the right things in place.


    Hi Jenty;

    In don't know much first hand about either of them but I think that someone will look at the care needed for your dad, probably with you and sort things out. Quite often the hospice sometimes starts it off but it can be others.

    Here is a link to the Information sheet on it:-

    All the best, Terry
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      This link may be useful too Jenty.

      Direct payments are an option people may choose once they've been assessed as being eligible for care services support provided by the local authority (in England, Wales or Scotland) or Health and Social Care Trust (in Northern Ireland).


        hi jenty,
        with regards to the CHC they were the ones who arranged our care package,so it may be worth speaking to them first.
        best wishes


          I moved to CHC from SS funding - and ended up with a bill of £650+ per month to top up funding of my care package!


            I thought CHC was fully funded care. We had that for Irene and they paid every penny. No limits , no questions of income or savings. Cannot see how you could be asked to fund anything unless the rules have changed in the last 3 years.



              My husband had CHC given to him on the fast track via our hospice. I was his only carer and we had no other care package in place only the usual district nurse, occupational therapist etc. You will need to speak to your GP, consultant or hospice to help you. Going direct to the local authority is not a good idea, more likely to be rejected in the first instance. Medical team best placed to do the forms. As it happened my husband died a week after it was granted so it was, for us, too late.


                Similar to me Basil. Our GP fast tracked CHC for us and carers started to arrive within days. It was such a relief to me. I really didn't realise how tired I was. Me not being so tired could only make things more pleasant for hubby. Unfortunatly he was deteriorating so quickly and he lived less than 2 weeks after. I really appreciated it all the same and it made a huge difference. I agree. Try the GP or, hospice or consultant. They hold a lot of clout!!
                Love Nettie