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  • Sportingmac
    Nope - didn't qualify.

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  • Guest
    Guest replied
    Has anybody had any adaptations to their home with a disability facilities grant?

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  • Jay_MND
    started a topic Disabled Facilities Grant

    Disabled Facilities Grant

    We are delighted to announce our redeveloped information sheet about Disabled Facilities Grants:

    Information sheet 22C: Disabled Facilities Grants

    This information sheet explains what Disabled Facilities Grants are, what they can be used for and how adaptations can support people living with MND to make their home suitable for their needs. It also explores other options for those who might not be able to get a grant.

    How do I order information sheets?

    You can download information sheets from our website. Click on our information sheets at:

    This will provide you with the latest version of each sheet at all times. External change means amendments can be frequent, so we recommend you download when you need this content rather than keeping stock or individual PDFs on your computer.

    If you have any old stock, please do not use this as the information will be out of date.

    When you do need hardcopies of information sheets, contact our Care Admin team. Please provide recipient details if possible.

    Telephone: 01604 611812 or 611685
    Email: [email protected]

    If people living with or affected by MND wish to order direct, they can contact the MND Connect helpline. The team provide support and directions to further assistance, their number is 08457 626262.

    We will advise care centres about this revision. An update will also be posted in The News, Thumb Print and social media. Thank you.