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    Hi everyone when a mnd cordinator came to the house she told my mam to put in for pip
    So I done this for her in sept & now some1 coming out to the house this week about her claim I thought they didn't do this if you mnd
    Anyone else had them come out to the house for a pip claim ? Just wondering what they want & ask etc

    I had to travel into London for my pip evaluation, the only time they waive this is if your neuro has filled in the form that says the illness is likely to be terminal within 6 months.

    When I had the eval they went through all the questions on the form with me and got me to demonstrate how far I could move limbs and checked strength. It wasn't major, nothing to stress about but do tell them what it's like on the worst day.

    I was awarded partial payment then as I was still fairly mobile. I am just in the middle of filling all the forms out again to be re checked as I have lost a lot of function.

    Wendy x


      Thank you so much for replying mam ain't at that stage where she terminal & 6 months left that's why I thought it be strange them
      Coming out to the house .


        My first PIP application was supported by my neurologist - DWP phoned her. I was awarded the lower daily living allowance. A year later (July 2016) I applied for a review since my mobility took a turn for the worse - I was additionally awarded the lower rate of mobility - I asked for a reconsideration since I am now 100% in a wheelchair for safety (too many trips and and falls). My neurologist insisted that she wrote a supporting letter - I agreed and forwarded that with my reconsideration application. I waited 3 months. I had a letter telling my case for the higher rate of mobility was upheld. But - I was also upgraded to higher rate daily living allowance- I didn't ask for that btw. However - as my neurologist pointed out in her letter that - the nature of MND is progressive and that my 'forward needs' must also be considered and that the DWP Decision Maker should have considered this from the outset - I was upgraded to higher rates of both mobility and daily living.

        Get you neurologist involved - get the supporting letter you need - don't fanny about - ask for what you are entitled too. I was very reluctant to start down the benefits route - but very glad that I did.