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Banking and day to day finances assistance

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    Banking and day to day finances assistance


    I'm new to this forum and probably should have joined earlier! My situation is that whilst working part-time as a carer I met my friend who had MND. I now manage his care and cover breaks for the live-in carer he has. He is a single man and has a large family but nobody who is close enough to manage day-to-day affairs.

    My friend has been unable to use his phone etc for online banking for a while, but as he is now losing his voice I'm wondering how I can continue to help him to manage his bank account. Recently his online account became locked out and the process of either dragging him into the bank or him providing confirmation over the phone was a bit painful.

    I don't have power of attorney but he does have two member of the family who do. I don't really want this either, it seems overkill. Does anyone have any experience of banking issues?

    Thanks in advance,


    Hi Marsha and welcome to the forum;

    Voice banking was bought up at a recent event and it is not known if a talking machine will be successful. Online banking seems the best way but if there's problems they can be hard to rectify. I have heard of a bank manager coming out to a Mnd persons house but I fear this is not often the case.

    I guess that you have to talk to the bank, maybe they will accept you doing that with his permission just before hand if he can say a few words so that they know he is overseeing the situation.

    I'm not the best person to answer.

    Best wishes, Terry
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      Hi Marsha,

      Welcome to the forum.
      If your friend encounters problems, it’s probably best if he sets up a property and financial affairs lasting power of attorney.

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      Significant bulbar impairment - No functional limbs - No speech - Feeding tube - Overnight NIV - Eye gaze user


        Hi Marsha.
        Could your friend write to the people who have POA and say that he is happy for you to be able to help with day to day financial issues?
        It's a tricky one as presumably you and these people don't know each other.
        I am POA for my aunt but also too far away to deal with daily money stuff. She is in a care home but has a lovely ex neighbour who I've always been able to trust such such things.
        My aunt has severe dementia but I assume your friend is mentally perfectly "with it". Maybe he could write to the bank and explain the situation....or.... if it's possible, go to the bank with you and find out where you all stand.
        He may find that internet banking would work fine but they may suggest something else.
        Your friend could communicate at the meeting by writing if his fingers are still working normally. They'd just have to be patient!
        Just a few ideas ... I hope they help.
        Best wishes, Nettie


          Hi Marsha .. as Ellie said it's best to get your friend to get things set up and in place ..
          . I care for a friend of mine and as he has no family he handed all over to me as he has no speech now and it was difficult at times due to data protection ..Now It does makes things a lot easier to deal with everyday things like banking etc
          It is a lot more difficult when others are involved as you have to tread very carefully


            This is something my parents have experienced. My dad has no speech, so whenever mum was doing something financial on the phone that had originally been set up in dad's name - like Sky TV etc., it was impossible for her to do what she needed to as dad couldn't confirm that he gave her permission. Everything now is set up in joint names, which was done by letter or visits in person to banks etc. I wonder if that could be a way forward for you.