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Winter Fuel Payments

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    Winter Fuel Payments

    I was just wondering if anyone else is like me and frustrated during the harsh winter weather being confined to the house with the heating on all day as a necessity, yet not qualifying for the winter fuel payment and cold weather payment. I know of numerous wealthy over 60's who are spending theirs abroad! I think this benefit should be means tested as others, and the chronically ill like us should qualify regardless of age - we are effectively retired too!

    Has the MNDA ever brought this up with the Government?


    You make a good point, sadly I can't see the current government going for it though.


      Hi Mark,

      Excellent point on winter fuel payments. MNDA and MS Society should apply pressure.

      Interesting is:

      MS sufferers are stressed by heat, so the leaflets say.
      MND sufferers are more stressed by cold?

      What are your experiences?

      Best wishes

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        totally agree mark - i spend £195 per month on gas/elec. and do you know, as from 1st of april 2011 if you retire, your lump sum is taxable (if over £50k) - this will give the goverment £4billion. -- i have just recieved a ltr from my pension people as i will be retireing on ill health then....


          For all who are not getting Winter Fuel Payments please follow the advice at the following web site.

          If you receive certain allowances then you are entitled to these payments. I think those on the higher level of DLA and Attendance Allowance qualify as a right and this may extend to the lower levels of both benefits.

          Best Wishes, and good luck,



            Hello countyboy, unfortunately DLA does not count but i have just come across something interesting that the government are proposing a warm home discount scheme for energy suppliers. The macmilan cancer charity are pushing for the terminally ill patients to be included, the MNDA should be doing the same.


              Hi Batty, I put that address up because I was not sure about DLA but it is interesting that there is a payment made for severe cases of disability that never gets talked about. Now I would have thought this would apply to PALs once they become paraplegic. This higher payment also means that the recipient can receive the winter fuel payments. Like you I also think more should be done by the MNDA to ensure all PALs receive the winter payments. Still I'm lucky compared to most since I get it due to being a pensioner.

              A lot of pals do not realise they can claim a reduction in council tax once they become confined to a wheelchair. The way this works is for the council tax banding to be reduced to the next lowest banding. eg. Anyone confined to a wheelchair living in a band "C" house would have their banding reduced to band "B". Council banding's start at band "A" being the lowest and then rise through bands "B", "C", "D", etc. Still I digress from the original subject.

              Best Wishes,


                Terminally ill patients 'should get cash rebates from energy firms'

                A large number of charities signed an open letter organised by Macmillan calling for terminally ill people to receive a cash rebate from energy companies. This letter was signed on behalf of the MND Association by Kirstine Knox.

                On 2 January The Observer wrote that leading health charities are calling for all terminally ill patients to receive a new cash rebate brought in by energy companies for 'vulnerable' customers because many cannot afford their fuel bills. The paper mentions us as one of the charities who have signed a joint statement which we hope will persuade Energy Secretary Chris Huhne to ensure that the terminally ill receive the rebate.

                Guardian Article: Fuel Bill Discount for Terminally Ill?

                I hope you find this information helpful,



                  Also, just to add to the above posts, you may be interested to know that Macmillan have produced a factsheet regarding fuel payments which you may find useful. You can find it by clicking on the following link

                  Freeze Out Fuel Poverty

                  There is also an organisation called the Home Heat Helpline, who can also advise on any benefits, reduced tariffs and special payment options, as well as any grants that you may be eligible for, such as free home insulation. You can contact them on 0800 336699, or have a look at their website -

                  Best wishes

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                    Hi Liz, your link to Macmillan does not work.
                    All the best,


                      Hi there, my grandpa has also the same problem as you are suffering from. Winter Fuel Payment helps older people keep warm in winter. Find out who can get it, how to get it and how much you can get. If you haven’t received it before, find out what you need to do. If you were born on or before 5 January 1951 you may qualify. It’s not means tested and you can get it if you’re still working or claiming a benefit.
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