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    Disabled Living Allowance

    Hi , hope evreyone is ok,

    Has anyone filled in a claim form for the above ?
    I have tonight as some tasks around the home are getting difficult, eg Ironing , general stuff where 2 hands are needed.
    just wondered if there are any hard fast rules on the benefit or is it simply judged on each case.

    any help on this subject appreciated.

    Hi mate, I had a complete nightmare with getting the DLA form filled in! I applied for my form when I got dx in July and was told an advisor at the hospital would helP fill it in, they never did and I just didn't know what to do.
    3 months after getting the form, a friend on another forum said try citizens advice, so off I went and got it filled in. He told me that I was unlikely to get full DLA but thankfully I did and they also back dated it to July which was a nice early Christmas present.

    I think they look at each case individually and also get in touch with your specialist.
    Good luck with it mate.


      Hello Z3 Driver,

      If you have been diagnosed with MND you can apply for DLA under special rules, this means you can ignore most of the pages and questions and you are 99% sure of getting it. This information should be made as a "sticky" on this forum, if you are unsure telephone MND Connect and they will point you in the right direction.


      Batty Ex-Cosi Driver (now WAV passenger)


        There is a special form that your doctor can provide, and will fill in for you, that fast tracks your application. Ask for Form DS1500. Only your doctor can get hold of the blank forms.

        For those of us over 65 we need to apply for Attendance Allowance instead of DLA. The processing time is 11 weeks, but Form DS1500 is supposed to shorten this considerably.


          After my mother got the DS1500 her DLA was sorted out, inside of two weeks - I suggest having a chat with the folk at MNDConnect, they'll either give you the right advice there and then or get someone to call you with it.


            I went through this process and the DS1500 my gp signed didn't get fast tracked nor accepted under special circs even though they contacted my specialist who confirmed the diagnosis. They eventually sorted out the lowest rate (quite begrudgingly it seemed) after about 10-11 weeks. They then served the 3 month waiting days which would have been waived under special circumstances. A very frustrating process in all!!


              I was told i could not claim under special rules by the cit advice, but thankfully after a long wait i got full entitlement.


                I reccomend that you contact DWP and ask them to look at your claim again. They will send you another form to fill in, You must get help to fill in this form. I used AgeUK to help me. Phone MND Connect and ask if there is any help available from MNDA. In order to get the higher rate you have to show you need help during the night, like getting out of bed to use the toilet for example. If you do not tell them about help you need during the night you do not qualify for the higher rate. The decision is a tick box job, based on certain criteria you are required to meet.




                  My understanding is that with DLA it does not matter if you can't do ironing or things around the house that need 2 hands - unless the things relate to your personal care needs
                  re lower rate:
                  In order to meet this criteria you need to show that your disability means that you need attention from another person in connection with your bodily functions for a significant portion of the day. This is intended for people who need help with one task (like getting up and going to bed) but can manage by themselves for most of the day.

                  or that you are unable to prepare and cook a full main meal for yourself if you had all the ingredients

                  for a higher level it would relate to issues such as difficulties dressing/ undressing, assistance related to bodily functions or needing supervision from others frequently owing to your inablility to do so yourself or you would be a danger to yourself or others. (this could be day/ night or both- night could be after 11pm if i remember correctly)
                  Then there is the mobility element, seperate from the personal care element.

                  The Ds1500 may be difficult to get as some people are unwilling to sign them

                  best of luck


                  PS on line there are some useful sites re the criteria- i will seach and try and send a link tomorrow


                    When I was diagnosed my OT arranged for the council's welfare rights adviser to come and see me. She was brilliant. Do you have problems with so and so?. Well yes. Things that in the general process of the the disease you may consider trivial, compared to the more debilitating aspects of the mnd, can effect the decision. I received full dla for both care and mobility without any interviews or medical assessments. A welfare rights adviser can also help you with funding carers etc. Unfortunately with the cuts to council spending these people will not be with us for long


                    • Hi All,

                      It is the old story of "divided we are conquered, united we will 'stand'". Government sets performance targets and budgets for DWP and other departments. One way government performs and earns bonus is to mitigate care costs. Recently a MND sufferer was told his ECA would be disallowed because the government interviewer deemed him fit for work. This was subsequently overturned as all people with MND diagnosis are eligible.

                      People with MND do need a champion and the MNDA is the body we should be able to turn to.

                      Best wishes



                        our specialist nurse filled ours in at hope hospital and she sent something with it and we had a response with in 10 days along with back pay so speak to your nurses at the hospitals. MND does come under the special rules Ang


                          hi all when got a letter from the DWP today and have been granted the lower rate, which is a start and although not a lot better than nothing.
                          see how we go hey. keep smiling everyone.


                            its strange how ypu get lower rate and i get higher rate yet were both very similar in where we are! for me it should be higher rate as soon as you say you got mnd!


                              im on lower rate dla too - because i needed help preparing a meal - the igonored the fact, i need help getting dresses, putting shoes on, putting deodrant on things like that. but as you say £18 is better than nothing i suppose.

                              is there a way that you can update your application as you get worse? or do you have to resubmit a new application.