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    With respect John, stop stressing over this and just do what we told you. Get the trained people like Citizens Advice or Age Concern to sort it out for you. They can handle the DS1500 as well.


      Hi computatec, sorry its just been one of those days as we all get, yes i will get the c.a.b to help me with this as i seam to be going around in circles over it all, but hey thank you to all of you with all the messages and support that you have all given me.

      Best regards.



        Hi john,i don't think you need to appologise on this forum, it does u good to have a good rant plus everyone on here should understand we all have off days happy ranting john xellex


          I hope to receive DLA soon as i just submitted the lengthy forms.


            At last , i will be getting DLA and a huge back dated payment any second now,

            I know what allowance im getting which is very cool.

            Even get a "freedom pass" which is our electronic swipe cards we use, free travel on buses, trains and my favorite underground trains (tube)

            So all is looking very good and just in time for christmas

            Will be out to BUY my own pc at the most high specs possible for the couple of grand i will pay for it from my friend who builds custom made pc's plus he said as he known me for years, that everything i want is half price,

            wow 4k of desktop will do me very nicely, dont think i will ever need a pc again in my time and at least this is my own plus i get the environmental control programme installed for free
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              Great news John, we are very pleased for you

              OMG did you really mean £4000 computer?

              if i paid that much for a computer i want it to make my dinner and bed for me, i'm guessing the environmental control is that programme you were talking about that can control all in your home?

              I seen that programme and its so good that you can open doors/windows open/close curtains, turn lights on/off

              I know that you live alone with those lovely boys of yours and it will help you so much when you find it hard to do things yourself

              Great to have a good friend that owns his own computer business and will build the ultimate computer for you and at half price!
              wish i had friends like yours

              Well done getting your DLA sorted out, its been a very long time getting it.


                Originally posted by Barefoot John View Post
                At last , i will be getting DLA and a huge back dated payment any second now,

                I know what allowance im getting which is very cool.
                Brilliant news John. So glad you got it sorted at last. I know it has been a mega stress, been there, done that and got the tee shirt.



                  Hi Clive,

                  Thank you, yes it was a serious amount of stress lately but i got there in the end,

                  Now i have got more support than i thought i would get, i am so much more relaxed now

                  My consultant signed the DS1500 and that was that, now all i have to do is wait a couple of weeks for payments and back dated payments to arrive.

                  I am going to treat myself to a new computer as to cater for most of my needs in the near future and then the rest is going to go on my little boys.

                  They both have birthdays this month and next month and Christmas

                  I am going to give them the best birthdays ever and a Christmas they will never forget