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    if i change to DP can i pay my partner to care for me from DP ?

    DIRECT.GOV says-

    You cannot use direct payments to buy services for the person you care for. They can only be spent on getting the support you, as a carer, have been assessed as needing.
    You also cannot use direct payments to secure a service from your spouse or civil partner, close relatives or anyone who lives in the same household as you, unless that person is someone who you have specifically recruited to be a live-in employee.
    There can be exceptional circumstances, which your council may agree with you.

    Claire was thinking of finishing work to look after me, i get 8 1/2 care at moment per week.


      Hi Z3,
      I had the same battle with my local county council for three years, it seems we needed to become muslims which we wer'nt prepared to do.
      My wife did my personel care for over three years whilst I was on direct payments and I saved over ten thousand pounds in my account and eventually had to return it to them.
      Good luck Mark


        You can employ your spouse/partner under certain circumstances ie privacy, dignity, trust, anxiety's not easy and depends on your LA. You have to state valid reasons as to why you do not want to employ outside help.

        If you have been assessed as needing 8 1/2 hrs each week then Claire would only receive payment to cover those hrs.
        Best wishes


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