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    Continuing Care

    We are currently being assessed for Continuing Care rather than Social Service Payments. Does anyone have experience of Continuing Care and what changes we might expect?

    Hi Jules,
    My wife Irene applied for continuing care with the NHS in March and we have 4 people coming on Monday to discuss her needs after initially saying she would not qualify they are now saying yes to support for health needs. I struggle to understand how everything arising from a disease is not a health need but we shall see how we get on. If you look at you will find a wealth of information. As in all things you will not find it easy but it is not means tested and should provide a lot of financial support for care needs.

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      Jules, I was awarded C. C two weeks ago on Fast Track application after a bout of poor health. Of course, whilst it sounds great news the reality is that I have significantly weakened and need more care. The immediate impact has been a huge increase in care from 1 person for 45 minutes per day to two carers for 5 hours a day. Initially, I was overwhelmed by the intrusion but have since discovered that I do have some flexibility to change/reduce visits as required. It has certainly helped my husband as he is trying to work.


        Hi Jacqui

        Are you able to choose your carers with continuing care? Who do you communicate with to change hours etc? I was offered CC but didn't know if I would lose control of my care arrangements.




          Yes, I asked for and was given my preferred carers. The agency I use does a lot of work for the local council so I thought it would be ok. I ring the agency to cancel/change appointments and they are very accommodating. I haven't asked for more care.


            NHS Continuing Health Care is well worth having. It is not means tested, and pays all your care cost (according to need). That's the catch. We currently have 24 hour live in care. Like Jacqui, we had a massive increase in care, from 2 carers 5 days a week, to now one live in carer, plus a double up carer for 1 hour each moring and night, 7 days a week (i.e. 14 hours per week).

            It was an enormous struggle to get approval, but it is hard to imagine my wife's condition being worse. She cannot stand, walk, talk, swallow and is incontinent. The assessment process, which is long and tortuous, takes lots of things into account, and the higher the score, the better your chances of success. More information is available on and . The end result is we get about £1000 worth of care.

            There is an element of choice about who provides the service, but you never get involved with the finances.

            The system is far from perfect, but it is an improvement over the Social Services provision.

            I presume you are getting DLA or Attendance Allowance, as Disability is a costly condition.

            Good luck, Paul.